We Bid Farewell to Samito

Sam Samito Dawahare has been a cornerstone of Triumph since almost the very beginning. From his run in Open Division to Contenders, as well as his dedication to Triumph as a content creator, his identity and drive to improve has been integral to the growth of Triumph. However, today we must say goodbye as he moves on from Triumph to reach new heights.

I have so much respect for Sam. He’s taught me so much, just from working alongside him in the last five months. The truth is, when you meet Sam, you realise very quickly he’s one of the best friends that you could ever have. He’s an incredible teammate, he’s a really nice guy, and he has this undying, abominable willpower. You can’t get in his way. And no matter what he does, whether its streaming, playing Overwatch, or playing Minecraft, he’s going to succeed. I appreciate everything he’s done for Triumph, and no matter what happens, he has a home here with me, and a home with Triumph. I just want to say: thank you.” – Shawn “Rusto” Bischoff, General Manager of Triumph

I’ve but nothing but great things to say about Triumph. When I first joined , it was about building people up, being a place where you can become a better person. Because I joined Triumph, I was able to take my brand, my brand, my persona, to the next level, because I was put in a work environment alongside great, like minded individuals who wanted to become better. I have no doubt that this org going to succeed in the long term because of the passion that they have, along with a great community and fandom that supports us wherever we go. I know going forward, this is going to be the best decision for me, I’m really excited for things that are coming up. I’ll always cherish the memories I’ve had alongside in Triumph, so to everyone in the Triumph community, whether you’re a player, staff member, a fan, or even considered being a fan: thank you so much for everything that you’ve did.

I think this saying is the best way to close it out:

Together, We Triumph. Sam “Samito” Dawahare