Triumph Welcomes Its Updated Overwatch Contenders Squad

Triumph are excited to reveal their new Overwatch squad who will be taking part in the upcoming 2020 Season 2 of North American Contenders

• Valentin “Valen” Ontivero

• Steven “Mudkip” Saucedo

• Joseph “Lep” Cambriani

• Nicholas “Nich” Taylor

• Brandon “N2S” Zepeda

• Isaiah “Hydron” Rodriguez

• Ilya “Txao” Mkarov

We welcome new players Valentin “Valen” Ontivero on DPS, Steven “Mudkip” Saucedo & Joseph “Lep” Cambriani on support, and Nicholas “Nich” Taylor as a main tank.. They will be joined by members of the previous Triumph squad: DPS players Brandon “N2S” Zepeda and Isaiah “Hydron” Rodriguez, as well as Ilya “Txao” Mkarov as an offtank.

As we bring in new players into the Triumph family, this also means we have to say goodbye to old ones, such as previous main tank Milkyman, original Triumph member Awkward as he moves onto Valorant, and Big Al as he transitions into the collegiate scene.

Our Overwatch team is going to be super exciting this season. With the change of coaching staff comes a fresh opportunity to build a long-term system of success. Half our team is returning from Season 1, and are being joined by a few younger players who have lots of potentials to be future stars. Our new lineup this season is full of players who are eager to prove themselves. One of my favorite parts of building teams and competing is watching new talent rise to the occasion.

– Shawn Bischoff, General Manager of Triumph

The newly revamped team will have their first showing next week on the 27th of July, where they’ll start off their tournament run by facing off against Odyssey.