The Triumph COD team proved their worth last weekend by placing first in the NA Challengers Regional Final. After qualifying for the final weekend tournament, they were placed in a 32 man bracket in which they were to compete in all weekend.

The team performed amazingly, not dropping a single match throughout the entire tournament, and remaining in the Winners Bracket throughout. We even faced off against our rivals for this season, Atlanta Faze Academy, in which we took a solid 3-1 win. From there, we continued to stomp through the winner’s bracket until we reached the finals, in which we met with Carnage, and took home the trophy soon afterward.

“We are the first COD Challengers Champs! Proud of these guys for pulling together and capping off a beautiful season. Everyone from this team deserves a shot in the CDL next season.

Shawn Bischoff – Triumph General Manager