CSGO Roster Update

Leading up to our debut in the ESL Pro League, we have updated our CS:GO roster:

• Ryan Ryann Welsh

• Erik penny Penny

• Kaleb moose Jayne

• Alan Shakezullah Hardeman

• Paytyn Junior Johnson

As previously announced, Kaleb moose Jayne, and Erik penny Penny will be stepping up as riflers, while Ryan Ryann Welsh coming in as a whole new player for the team, previously on Envy.

This means we’ll be saying goodbye to Gabe Spongey Greiner. He has been a pillar of the team for over 9 months.and we’re thankful for everything he’s brought to the table in making Triumph a top tier team. We wish him the best of luck in his future.

You’ll be able to catch the newly revamped squad September 3rd when they take on Gen.G in the Pro League.