Thank You Overwatch

Triumph has made the hard decision to discontinue their endeavours within the Overwatch scene and to solely focus on both its COD and CS:GO teams.

Overwatch was originally the first team that was founded within the organization back in early 2019, with the goal to develop the next generation of professionals. However, at the moment within the scene, we feel it is no longer possible to achieve this.

“It was a really tough decision. The only reason we stayed in Overwatch this season was because we love the game, but there’s a reason there’s not many Organisations in the game anymore. There hasn’t been enough support [from Blizzard]. It hasn’t been set up in the right way yet, and I hope to see changes made in the future.

-Shawn Bischoff, Triumph GM

All players have been released from their contracts, and we’ve ensured that the players were able to retain their spot in Trials once they leave. We’re thankful for our time competing in the game and hopeful that the scene will improve in the future.