Triumph November Recap

The month of November has been a fantastic one for the Triumph Organisation as a whole, as the CS:GO team continued to develop and evolve, while the COD team recently made their comeback.

To start off, the CS:GO team took part in IEM Beijing, where we once again were invited to prove our skills against the rest of the North American Scene. We were placed in Group B, along with teams such as Team oNe, Rebirth Esports, and Evil Geniuses. Our opening match was against Team oNe, where we took a clean victory, 2-0, proving we’re once again a force to be reckoned with, despite previous results. This seeded us onto the Winners match against North American CS:GO titans, Evil Geniuses. Despite some fantastic plays, such as Junior grabbing himself 4 pistol kills on Dust 2, we were unable to clutch out any of the maps in our favor, finishing off the game, 0-2.

As a result, we had just one last chance to reach the Playoffs, once again facing off against Team oNe in the Group B Decider match. We had a rocky start on Inferno, going 5:10 on the first half. However, we were able to prove our first win against the team wasn’t a fluke as we took Inferno 16-13, and then dominated Nuke 16-5, giving us the win condition needed to take ourselves through to the Playoffs.

In the playoffs, we first faced off against Team Liquid, a team we’ve narrowly failed to overcome in the past during the previous season of Pro League, having gone 1-2. We first met on Inferno, where after a strong first half, we took started off 11:4. However, our advantage started to slip in the second half, with Liquid taking numerous rounds on the Attack. However, we managed to close out the map with just a few more rounds, bringing the final map score to 16-12.

Dust 2, however, was a different story entirely. This being Liquid’s pick, was quite a bit of a stronger map, evidently showing as we ended 13:2 in the first half, despite a FANTASTIC AWP ACE clutch from Junior in the 7th round, an amazing play that still replays in our head to this day. The team put out a good fight in the second half, managing to grab themselves another 6 points, but unfortunately Liquid managed to take the map 16-8, meaning that as fate would have it, our match was to be decided once again, on Nuke, exactly the same map we got beaten on back in September.

We started the map with a fantastic streak of 7 points, only allowing for Liquid to grab themselves on defuse. It was at this point Liquid started to bite back though, taking 7 rounds in their favor, ending the first half 7:8. It couldn’t be closer.

Second half, we played an incredible defence, kicking things off strong with 5 rounds in a row, and it definitely felt like we were on the strong foot throughout, with Liquid only being able to obtain a few successful rounds to their name. In the end, it was close, but we managed to close out the round, 16-14, winning the match 2-1 in our favour.

This meant that we were up against old rivals, Chaos Esports Club in the finals. Unfortunately, we failed to adapt as well for this match, with a final score of 1-3, meaning that we placed 2nd overall, narrowly missing a spot in the Global Challenge. However, the team played some fantastic CS:GO overall, no doubt gaining a plethora of new fans and we’re excited to continue to rock the NA scene after our roster changes.

In other news, we resigned the COD Team, for the all new Cold War Season, albeit with a few changes. Returning from before, we have Felo, Royalty and Standy, as well as General coming in on Loan from optic. You can read more about the new roster by clicking HERE.

The team has already started to show off just how much of a threat they will be for the North American Challengers scene, having already taken down CDL teams such as LA Guerrillas in the Ferocity Memorial Cup. You’ll be able to see more of the team when we take on NA Challengers, starting on the 5th of December

Moving back to CS:GO, following on from our fantastic performance, we said goodbye to Moose, as he moved on from CS:GO to pursue a carreer in Valorant, and introduced a new player into our ranks with the player Bwills from New England Whalers. You can read more about this roster change by clicking HERE

With the Dreamhack Winter Masters and the first NA Challengers Cup coming up for CS:GO and COD respectively later in December, we hope to continue to perform as we strive to develop the very best in Esports.

Together We Triumph