Triumph January 2021 Recap

As it is every year, January is a chance to refresh, and begin to build off of where your efforts from the year prior. As with Triumph, this was no different.

Triumph News

On January the 2nd, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary by looking back on what we achieved in the past few 24 months. We also took the opportunity to refresh our brand style, bringing with it a new logo, as well a new brand guide. You can read more about it here.

Our parent company Triumph Esports also launched the new BattleCaves Show. It’s an all-new gaming show featuring Kevin Garnett, with Episode one premiering sometime in the near future. You can read more about it here.


At the beginning of the year, our superstar sniper Junior moved his way up to the Brazillian SUper star team, Furia. After an amazing run with the team, we’rve seen him take shape and grow as a fantastic up and coming talent within the scene.. You can read more about the move here.

Going into the 19th, we felt it was a good time to refresh our CS:GO roster, and bring in some fresh talent to replace those who had recently left. The already established core of Shakezullah and Bwills were joined by Cooper, cxzi and viz, while Penny is inactive while he explores potential roles in Valorant. You can read more about the new fresh roster here

They debuted at the ESEA Cash Cup on the 23rd. We swung through our first two games, before later falling in the quarter finals against Secret, 13-16.

Later that month, Triumph CS:GO were invited into the Dreamhack Open. Our first run-in of the tournament was with Pain Gaming. The team had a strong start, initially taking Nuke rather strongly, 16-11. The next map swung in the enemies favour later, we then lost Vertigo 8-16. The final map came down to a massive overtime on Dust, but unfortunately, after a myriad of tech issues, we fell 18-22.

The next day, we fought Extra Salt in the lower bracket, after a close round on Overpass 14-16, but after a losing on Vertigo 9-16, we were out of the Dreamhack Open

In other news, a few members of Triumph CS:GO won themselves FPL awards, with Viz winning the “Most Improved Award”, Cooper the “Best Team Player”, and Czxi winning “Best Upcoming Player”.

On the 30th, the team took part in another Cash Cup, this one being Winter ‘#4, winning their first round, but falling to Secret 13-16.,


Triumph COD kicked off the year by taking part in the Challengers Cup #3. Unfortunately, our performance this week was less than stellar, as we placed Top 32, as we fell to Your Team Name.

The following Challengers Cup #4 was significantly more successful, as the team took soared through day 1 of the Cup, taking down teams such as NYSL Academy and “mr maps final form” 3-0 to end the day at a respectable Top 6. Day 2, however, was a bit more rocky, as we next played against the top seeded team, “Westr”, where we fell 1-3, pushing us into the lower bracket. There, we took on Bean Squad, winning 3-0, to push us through to Top4, where we faced off against NYSL once again. In a nailbiting match, we came close to securing Top 3, but ultimately fell 2-3, giving us a final position of Top 4

Together We Triumph