Triumph Recap Feb

Despite February being the shortest month of the year, here at Triumph we’ve done quite a lot.

In organization-wide news, we’ve announced our continued partnership with Respawn Products. Since our initial partnership in October 2020, we’ve worked side by side with RESPAWN to ensure our teams perform their best with the best gaming furniture possible. Moving into 2021, we’ll also be featuring RESPAWN products in other content such as our upcoming sister show: BattleCaves. You can read more about our continued partnership here.


At the start of the month, Erik “Penny” Penny officially left Triumph CS:GO. After making the decision to leave Counterstrike for Valorant, he was signed by team Version1. His departure will definitely be felt throughout the organization, but we’re happy to see him succeed with Version1. You can read more about his move here.

Our first CS:GO games of the month started on Valentine’s Day when we competed in the ESEA Winter Cash Cup #5. After being invited, we started off in the Semi-Finals VS Extra Salt, where we took Overpass 16-14, before beginning to struggle on Nuke, 13-16, and finally bowing out in overtime on Dust II, 17-19. This then placed us in a match against Secret Club for 3rd Place, where we were able to close out Nuke 16-14, before dropping both Inferno and Vertigo, finishing the Cash Cup in 4th place.

Later that month, our run through this season of ESEA Premiere began, where we first started off by taking on High Coast Esports, where we blasted through Nuke 16-5, we finished off the match on Overpass, 19-15.

A week later, we were matched up against Third Impact. Nuke was a close 16-14 in the favor of Triumph CS:GO, before being followed up a disastrous Inferno, 2-16. The team managed to get their mojo back as they played Overpass and granted themselves a 16-6 scoreline, with the final match result being 2-1.

At at the end of the month, we competed in the ESEA Winter Cash Cup #6. This time, we weren’t high seeded, meaning we were having to fight our way through the bracket. We took down Rectify 16-12, followed up by GGPR Esports 16-2. In the quarter-finals, we faced off against Rebirth Esports, who posed a challenge with a close 16-14 on Train, leading us into the semi-finals. against Mythic. We cleaned up on Overpass, taking it away 16-11, with the team beginning to stagger on Dust II, 12-16. On Train, however, we were able to pull it back into our favor, 16-10, meaning we qualified through to the Finals VS Extra Salt. After pushing Nuke through to Overtime, we ended up losing Nuke 16-19, and then also lost Train 16-11. we ended the tournament with a 2nd place finish.


Triumph COD started off this month by attempting to qualify for the Challengers Elite format. This required us to place at least Top 8 within a monthly set of qualifiers. Round 1 and Round 2 went smoothly, going both 3-0 and 3-1 respectively, however, Top 12 is where we began to run into problems, facing off against the top-seeded team, Westr. Despite a set of tantalizingly close maps, we ended up going 0-3, and fell into the lower bracket. It was here we came across Team Zed, who promptly knocked us out of the running, taking us down 0-3 once more.

Despite failing to qualify for Elite, we still had the Challengers Cup, as always. In the Challengers Cup #6, we stormed through the first few rounds without dropping a single map, fighting our way into the Top 32. Here we faced off against The Goon Squad, going 3-1, to claim a spot in the Top 16. Soon afterward, we fought against LAG Academy, where we once again took the match 3-1, sending us to the Top 8. It was here we faced off against NYSL Academy. We started off strong, taking 2 maps in our favor, but ultimately, we were reverse swept, sending Triumph COD down to the Lower Bracket. It was here we met the team Main AR Woof. Both teams exchanged maps in a fierce head-to-head, but after the dust settled, the match ended 2-3, meaning we ended the tournament with a Top 8 finish.

Challengers Cup #7 was a bit rougher for Triumph COD. Although storming through to Top 16 without dropping a single map, we ended up falling 2-3 to Bosshogslel, ending the tournament with a Top16 placement

Challengers Cup #8 is where things started to look up though, with rounds 1 to 4 going smoothly, without dropping a single map. Proceeding onto the Top 32, managed to beat UYU 3-1, followed up by Speed Demons in Round 6, where after an exchange of blows, brought us to Top 8 after winning won 3-2. Our Top 8 matchup, “Pro players omg xd” was a challenge, as most of the maps were relatively close, but we managed to take the victory 3-0. Moving onto Top 6, we fought against Team dGen, winning 3-2, and then Arial Arise 3-1, sending us through to the grand finals. It was here we began our rematch against Pro players omg xd, who had fought their way through the lower bracket to face us once again. The first BO3 was in found in their favor, a 1-3 to reset the bracket. In the second match, we fought hard and came close to taking the victory, but ultimately fell 2-3, finishing us off with a 2nd place finish.

Looking Forward

March has the potential to be an even bigger month for Triumph. At the time of writing, both Triumph COD and Triumph CS:GO have already competed in numerous tournaments. Triumph COD are soon to try their luck once more in the Challlengers Elite Qualifiers, and Triumph CS:GO in the DreamHack Open. To stay up to date, make sure you follow our socials for all things Triumph

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